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Reserve your wedding date at Fontana Community Church or request clergy to perform your ceremony by submitting the form at the bottom of this page.  Cabin or lodge reservations for your entire wedding party, as well as banquet rooms and catering, can be made by contacting Fontana Village Resort at their website:

Minister Gloria Hardy is available for counseling and performing marriage ceremonies or reaffirmations. A donation of $250 is suggested for a wedding ceremony or $300 for a ceremony and rehearsal.  You may also bring your own clergy, subject to the special request link below. Ceremonies have been performed in our sanctuary, His Garden Of Grace, the Fontana Resort Lodge, along the Fontana Lake shore, at Fontana Dam, along Cheoah Lake, Maple Springs Observation Point, and the Fontana Resort Firepit.

Interior Pictures and Info  and Suggestions for Ceremonies provide additional info. Click on the links below for our church reservation calendar, guidelines concerning the use of our facility and our clergy, and North Carolina Marriage License information. PLEASE! No smoking or alcohol on church premises.


Fontana Community Church relies solely on your support to be able to offer our facility and clergy to assist you in your wedding plans. Some weddings require minimal preparation, others are more involved. Please consider the amount of time spent on the phone, emails, advance planning, meetings, wedding and rehearsal attendance and preparation, etc. Advance preparations may also include relocating sanctuary furniture, sound equipment, extra rehearsal time, carpet and runner cleaning, building maintenance and post and pre-wedding clean-up. 

We ask that you make an advance non-refundable donation of $350 to reserve our building for your use on your wedding day or as a backup site for your outdoor wedding day. (A minimum 48-hour notice is required for back-up reservation use.) An additional $350 donation made on your wedding day will complete our requested donation total of $700 to reserve and use our church facility on your wedding day. An additional $200 donation per day is requested if you require the use of our facility for additional rehearsal and decorating days.  If you anticipate a very small ceremony that requires minimal preparation and no rehearsal, please let us know and we will adjust our requested donation. amount.

Your wedding reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of your contribution and our confirmed acceptance  of your wedding request.

Wedding contributions may be made by sending your check directly to our church through the mail, payble to: Fontana Community Church, PO Box 93, Fontana Dam, NC 28733, or in person when you visit our church.


Please submit the form below via our website to request the reservation of our facillity for your wedding or back-up site, or to request Minister Gloria Hardy to perform your ceremony. Also, please read the link  "Special Request Concerning Our Ministers and Our Facility"  and Congratulations On Your Upcoming Wedding, and the  "Wedding Donation Guidelines" on this page.

Upon notification of our acceptance of your wedding request, your wedding contribution can be made by sending your check directly to our church payble to: Fontana Community Church, PO Box 93, Fontana Dam, NC 28733, or in person when you visit our church.


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