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This page exists to share the Holy Spirit of our Father. His direction and wisdom in all things is the true difference between exposing the lie and receiving the truth - JESUS! "I am the way, the truth and the life." , Jesus said in John 14:6. Knowing Jesus and receiving wisdom in all things is " life more abundant".

When we abide in the life of the Holy Spirit, the subtle lies in our so-called spirituality are constantly revealed to us. We know the difference between studying the Bible and receiving wisdom from the Bible through the illumination of the Holy Spirit. We know the difference between observing an appointed devotion time and being a 24 hour devotion unto the Lord. We know the difference between carrying the burden for the salvation of the world, and receiving the lightening direction of the Holy Spirit, who never gives us "more than we can bear".  We know the difference between "praying about it" when no direction seems clear, and having the consistant, ever-present direction of the Holy Spirit.

The revelation of the Holy Spirit is meant to be shared with others, as each is given.  May you be blessed as He reveals Jesus  through His indwelling Word  in  a simple, broken, human vessel brought back to life by His presence!


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"Jonah and the Worm"
"The Gift of the Virgin's Lamp"

"Grace Called My Name"
"Jesus Take My Wheel" 
"Woe To You"


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