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In 2002, we began renovations to our church. A church office and nursery were designated and decorated. We began interior painting and cleaning. Scripture banners were installed in the sanctuary.

In 2003, the kitchen was ugraded, and new bathroom and kitchen flooring was installed. 

In 2004, His Garden of Grace was landscaped, walled, and filled with 50 memorials. It was dedicated on August 29.

In 2005, hot water lines were installed in the bathrooms. New water connections were added outdoors.

In 2006, the bathrooms were renovated. 

In 2007, we completed renovation to our steeple, replaced our masonite siding with cedar shingle siding, and covered the church entrance floor  in Jerusalem Stone. Double front entry doors were replaced. 

In 2008, we added local creek rock to our front entrance  and several trim areas around the church, including the nativity. Natural color stucco was applied to exterior walls, adding warmth and beauty to our building.

In 2009, we completed a new bridal room, refinished the pews, renovated the church pulpit area, and added interior rockwork to walls in the entrance hall and under the podium area. We also refinished our garden statues in bronze, and added a stone and mortar garden entrance at the roadway.

In 2010, we added rock masonry to the exterior wall at the kitchen window, and to the interior kitchen wall. We also replaced our sanctuary exit door, and created a rock entrance surrounding the exterior of the sanctuary exit door.

On March 3, 2011, we began our project of replacing the sanctuary windows. Though we anticipated having the windows in place by Palm Sunday, our schedule was delayed. This was a BIG project! Lots and lots  of wood to trim, stain, and seal! In late summer of 2011, His Garden of Grace was expanded to the right side of the church and a rock walkway was added, creating additional landscaping areas. We are also moved forward with stucco work in interior hallways and rooms.

2012 brought a generous gift of new carpet from Fontana Village! We also installed 4 additional windows facing the new walkway. The front office partition was removed, creating spacious seating areas, and wonderful interior views of the entire church. Our thanks to Bill Dinschel, local contractor and church member, for his hard work on these projects! We stained and sealed the interior windows. The church nursery was also relocated to a back room. Fontana Village landscapers also provided a beautiful, fragrant, hardwood mulch for His Garden of Grace, and tree removal in our parking area.

In 2013, the rear wall partition in the community hall, designated as the bridal room, was removed, completing the expansive view of the entire entry area. The bride's room was relocated to the rear of the church with it's own private entrance.  Three new windows were installed, completing the window renovations in every room except the kitchen and nursery. An outdoor storage building was added to store garden and renovation materials. 

In 2014 we completed a total kitchen renovation and electrical service upgrade. The kitchen was literally "gutted". New wiring, plumbing, walls, window, cabinets, counters, sink, and appliances were added. A big thank you to our master carpenter, Bill Dinschel, for all his hard work and invaluable expertise. Also, a great big thank you to Scott Sawyer of Sawyer's Electric for replacing our screw in fuses with a wonderful, modern service box. We also replaced our kitchen and nursery windows, and added new handcarved scripture plaques at the kitchen window and the sanctuary entrance.

In 2015, we added new paving around the church. We also upgraded outdoor garden and building lighting and electrical connections. A new outdoor watering system was installed.

In 2017-18, we completed a cobblestone pathway around the entire church garden, and added additional garden walls. Vigorous landscaping and pruning opened the garden area for additional memorials. A new nativity was also added. Over 100 garden memorial signs were replaced. We also replaced the large attic doorway and steps. The storage room was also renovated.

In 2019, after extensive land grading and landscaping of the adjacent lot next door, a designated parking area was added. Also, several other areas immediately surrounding the church were improved, adding additional parking spaces.   

In 2020 we added an outdoor tract center at the church entrance. This was spurred by COVID 19 closure restrictions.

In 2021 we updated several exterior areas in our church garden and several new scripture stops. We upgraded several garden signs. We continued to upgrade the parking lot.

In 2022, we added new roof shingles and copper-color metal shingles to our steeple. Refinished ceilings, new lighting and fans were added in the sanctuary and entry area. We also added a weatherproof TV station for Bible videos and an outdoor lending library box at our church entry. We added another scripture stop in the church garden. 

Long range plans include new heating and cooling and a building addition which would include restroom facilities and a  church office.

If you would like to contribute to our ongoing renovation projects, please let us know using the contact form at this site. Dedication plaques for specific contributions are always available.  Thanks for your continuing support and prayers.

We are watchful and eagerly await God's perfect timing as we move forward, spiritually and physically. Thank you, Lord!

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