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From 1942-1945, more than 6,000 people called Fontana Village home. When the Fontana Dam was completed, all but a dozen families moved away. Those who stayed behind realized their need for a place to worship God as a community. Because of their varied religious and denominational backgrounds, a non-denominational, Christian church was formed. It was given the name Fontana Community Church.

Many things have changed over the years for our small church, nestled in the western mountains of North Carolina.  Fontana Village is now a thriving mountain resort, known for its pristine, natural beauty and comfortable amenities. Instead of many families living here year round, other families from across the United States visit here every year.  Whether permanent residents, or casual visitors, the spiritual need is still the same: a simple, welcoming place for all Christians to worship God.

Three generations have served together to meet that need.  Ernest Stiles, Sr., who retired in 2009, ministered 24 years in this little church. His daughter, Gloria Hardy, who  assisted Rev. Stiles since 1999, assumed ministerial responsiblites in March of 2009. Her son, Rob Hardy, who became a member in 2005,  also serves as guitarist and "muscle" wherever needed. Whether it's from the pulpit, from the garden wheelbarrow, the testimony is always the same. God is good! Praise the name of Jesus! Welcome, Holy Spirit! Just simple, uncomplicated praise to our Lord on high, in whatever fashion that pleases Him!

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Fontana Community Church: P.O. Box 93, Fontana Dam, NC 28733, 828-479-2675 Gloria Hardy