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Sunday, October 27 2019


Live feed from Washington, DC during "Pray for the Kurds", a prayer meeting, not a protest...Frontier Alliance International

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Friday, October 18 2019

WE NEED TO PRAY...We need to pray for mercy. And we need to pray for clarity. We need to pray for clear paths to be made forward. We need to pray for God to protect the Christian community and the Kurdish community in Northern Syria, that tonight is wondering if this is the end of their existence on the soil that they once called home.

Lord, we just pray and we agree all over the world together right now, as we're tuning in this amazing thing of technology, this gift of technology, that we get to agree together in prayer and I just want to invite you, everyone who's listening to this, to agree in prayer.

Lord we pray for the protection of the families, the children, the mothers, the vulnerable, the weak tonight, who are right now literally in holes in the ground, hiding; the people who are on the move who just left their homes that are sleeping out in fields tonight; we pray for those who are at this moment, bleeding out, who can't get out of the places where they're trapped; Lord for the children that are screaming in agony. Right now, just thinking about these places that are under bombardment, hearing the screams of the children, we're asking you for mercy and protection upon these communities, whether they're Muslims, whether they're Christians, whether they're socialists and atheists, Lord. We're asking for the vulnerable and the weak. Lord, we're asking You to protect them and keep them safe.

And Father, we're asking for the wicked, for those who spilled the blood of the innocent, Lord that You would execute judgment upon their heads. We ask You for righteousness to flow, Lord, like a river and a mighty flowing stream. Lord, we ask You for justice.

Lord we ask You as well for mercy on them, even the enemies and the persecutors, Lord, that You would enlighten their eyes, Lord, and there would be the quickening of conscience in those who are on the ground right now carrying out this dark and evil deed.

Lord, we're asking you for the collision of mercy and justice on the ground in Syria. Lord, we're asking You to stay the hand of the Turkish regime, Lord, in conducting more violence and more bloodshed and more genocide, Lord, on this land that has known so much genocide. Lord, we're asking You to break this cycle. We know that wars will continue until He comes, but Lord we're asking You for this part of the world, to have mercy on Rojava, Lord, this pocket in Northern Syria that as of a few weeks ago was one of the quietest and most peaceful areas in the area.

And Lord, we're asking you tonight for United States President, for Vice President Pence, for Pompeo, we're asking for the whole administration, God, that you would shine light and clarity.

And, Lord, where there is confusion and division, Lord, where the plans of the evil one, Lord, are prevailing right now for the destruction of life, Lord, we're asking You that you would break these purposes. And Father we're asking that You would intervene in these scenarios, that You would break in, Lord, with light and clarity and truth and hope, God.

And we’re asking You tonight for the Kurds, we cry out for the Kurds tonight in the Middle East, Lord. And we're asking, God, bring beauty from these ashes. As we're hurting, we can hear the nails being driven into the gallows that Haman is building tonight. And Lord, we ask You, would this be one of those moments where you flip the script and do something unexpected and profound, Lord; and that you would do something in our day they would just blow our minds for the protection and the vindication of the weak, and the persecuted, and the trodden down, Lord. You are near them. You are with them and we know how history goes. History is full of calamity and injustice and atrocities, but you are near the brokenhearted. And tonight, Lord, we cry out and we ask You to be near the brokenhearted.

Lord, we ask you for forgiveness on the United States that just committed an act of great injustice on a people who've done a great deed for the nations of the earth and facing a great evil. And Lord, we're asking you to show mercy on America. Lord, we're asking you for the due judgment for these decisions that are going to steal the lives of so many. Lord, we’re asking You, we don't deserve it, but we're asking you for mercy.

We cry out to you. We cry out to you for, Lord, hope to spring up from the ground in Syria, this nation that has been so ravaged by war and the plans of the evil one.

Lord, we love you and we bless you. We ask You to lead us and guide us in all You would have us do, in all that's happening in the nations in these days. And give us, Lord, a prophetic Spirit to discern what You're saying and what You're doing as these things continue to unfold.

We love You, Lord.

In Jesus name.

(The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, often referred to as Rojava, is a de facto autonomous region in northeastern Syria. It consists of self-governing sub-regions in the areas of Afrin, Jazira, Euphrates, Raqqa, Tabqa, Manbij and Deir Ez-Zor.)

This is the prayer of Dalton Thomas of Christian Alliance International. The organization is being heavily censored by social media and the press. 

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