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Sunday, October 20 2019
My Time Is Not Yet Here

“MY TIME IS NOT YET HERE” These are the Words of Jesus as He spoke to His disciples at exactly this same time of the year over 2000 years ago. Timing IS everything when it comes to the revelation of Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. God’s timing and calendar began, is centered, and will be revealed in the Holy Land, in the land of today’s Middle East.

There is wisdom imparted from the Lord’s calendar and God’s attention to crucial anniversary events, remembering all the while that HE IS IN CONTROL OF TIME ITSELF. 100 years ago, marked in 2017, the Muslim world lost Jerusalem to Christianity with the defeat of the German-Turkish armies in the Judean Hills and the Negev by British Expeditionary Forces. This defeat not only returned Jerusalem to Christianity following Muslim rule for 400 years, it ushered in the defeat of the last Great Caliphate: The Turkish Ottoman Empire. 50 years ago, marked in 2017, the Muslim world lost Jerusalem to the Jews when fledgling Israel, against all odds, regained control of all of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount and surrounding lands in the 1967 Six-Day War.

Since 2017, Turkey has placed a 7-year plan on track in an attempt to mark another milestone anniversary on God’s calendar by regaining control of Jerusalem and other regions once under Ottoman Muslim rule by the close of 2023, the 100th anniversary date for the foundation of the modern Turkish state. This was confirmed in 2018 when a Turkish regional governor declared, while wielding a sword over his head, that Turkey’s forces would soon march into Jerusalem and other cities in the Middle East. “We will also go to Mosul, and we will go to Jerusalem!...God is Greatest!”

We witnessed that plan in motion when Turkey launched their attack on the Kurds on the very morning of the anniversary date of God's appointed Day of Atonement, October 8 on our Gregorian calendar, the 10th day of the 7th month on God's calendar. On this most holy day of the year for the Jewish nation, the Almighty appropriated a blood sacrifice to cover the sins of His chosen people. Indeed, many Christians are convinced this day's fulfillment will include the salvation of the Jewish nation as they come face-to-face in repentance before their Warrior Messiah when He comes in triumph to deliver them from imminent annihilation by their enemies.

What will God’s response be to such an ill-conceived plan being launched on one of His anointed Holy anniversaries? It’s being revealed before our very eyes. Make no mistake: God is in control, yet He is carefully watching and gauging the response of His people during this time. WE NEED TO PRAY.

We also need to be watching and receiving His direction. From October 14-21, right on target to the very week, He has gifted us with another incredible anniversary lesson from Jesus Himself, imparting Holy wisdom on the timing of His return to rule and reign as King of the World!

The setting for our lesson is in the fall around the yearly harvest called “The In-gathering”, pointing both backward to the time when God gathered Israel out of bondage in Egypt and forward to the time when all nations will be gathered unto the Lord. “The Lord said to Moses, ‘Say to the Israelites: On the fifteenth day of the seventh month, the Lord’s Feast of Tabernacles begins, and it lasts for seven days...On the eighth day hold a sacred assembly...This is to be a lasting ordinance for generations to come……I am the Lord Your God.” Leviticus 23: 33-34, 36, 43. “The Lord will be King over the whole earth…Then the survivors from all the nations that have attacked Jerusalem will go up year after year to worship the King, the Lord Almighty, and to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles.” Zechariah 14:9,16.

The celebration of the Festival of Tabernacles in Jesus’s last year on earth occurred 7 months before His crucifixion on Passover, but Jesus already knew the Jews in Judea were looking to take His life. “After this, Jesus went around in Galilee. He did not want to go about in Judea because the Jewish leaders there were looking for a way to kill him.” John 7:1.

Religious folks, upset with Jesus because He just wasn’t acting like a King, and ruling when they needed Him to, began telling Jesus what they wanted Him to do. “Leave Galilee and go to Judea, so that your disciples there may see the works you do. No one who wants to become a public figure acts in secret. Since you are doing these things, show yourself to the world.” John 7:3-4.

Jesus’ reply was sharp and straight to the point. “My time is not yet here; for you any time will do. The world cannot hate you, but it hates me because I testify that its works are evil. You go to the festival. I am not going up to this festival, because my time has not yet fully come.” After he had said this, he stayed in Galilee. However, after his brothers had left for the festival, he went also, not publicly, but in secret.” John 7:6-10.

“Not until halfway through the festival did Jesus go up to the temple courts and begin to teach. The Jews there were amazed and asked, “How did this man get such learning without having been taught?” Jesus answered, “My teaching is not my own. It comes from the one who sent me. Anyone who chooses to do the will of God will find out whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own. Whoever speaks on their own does so to gain personal glory, but he who seeks the glory of the one who sent him is a man of truth; there is nothing false about him... Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.” John 7:14-18, 24

For the next two days, the people discussed among themselves whether Jesus was indeed the Messiah. Jesus appeared again in the temple, teaching the Word of God, so the Pharisees sent the temple guards to arrest Him. Jesus said in verse 33-34: “I am with you for only a short time, and then I am going to the one who sent me. You will look for me, but you will not find me; and where I am, you cannot come.”

In their self-righteous pride and ignorance, the learned religious people of the day said to one another, “Where does this man intend to go that we cannot find him? Will he go where our people live scattered among the Greeks, and teach the Greeks? 36 What did he mean when he said, ‘You will look for me, but you will not find me,’ and ‘Where I am, you cannot come’?”

On the last and greatest day of the festival, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” By this he meant the Spirit, whom those who believed in him were later to receive. Up to that time the Spirit had not been given, since Jesus had not yet been glorified. On hearing his words, some of the people said, “Surely this man is the Prophet,” Others said, “He is the Messiah.” John 7:37-40

He is the Messiah. That is the whole point of today’s lesson. He IS the Deliverer of His People at God’s appointed time, in God’s appointed place. In Jerusalem, on the very first of His appointed Holy Days, Passover, the Son of God would become “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” John 1:29. He would be laid in his grave on the 2nd appointed Holy Day, Unleavened Bread, as the Perfect, Sinless, Son of God. He would be raised from the dead on the 3rd appointed Holy Day of Firstfruits, as “the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep. For since by man came death, by Man also came the resurrection of the dead.” 1 Corinthians 15:20-21.

“MY TIME IS NOT YET HERE” The right time for Him to come again is yet to come. But He IS coming VERY soon, and it is quite possible that we are witnessing the build-up to His 2nd coming right this very minute. He IS coming to deliver His people and claim His throne in Jerusalem and reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and to celebrate that victory with the whole world at The Feast of Tabernacles!


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Thank you.
Posted by Gloria on 10/25/2019 - 04:08 PM

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